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Education Center GMBH Berlin has established partnership with German state universities. There are different ways to apply for admission to a German university , one of the ways is pathway program which is offered by language Academy.

In order to join the program, the candidate must have a minimum A1 German language (there may be some other requirements from German embassy situated in home country of a student).

Other requirements:

  • School leaving certificate (12 class) with minimum 55% of marks;
  • IELTS- 5.5 Band score

The program duration – 12 months.

The Cost of Program – 6750 Euros.

Education for all consecutive years are free for all our applicants.

Quick Facts about Germany:

Population: 80,664,408;                                                  Climate: temperate and marine;

Capital: Berlin ;                                                                     cool, cloudy, wet winters and

Area: 357,022 sq km;                                                        summers; occasional warm,

Official Language: German;                                             occasional warm, mountain wind;

Currency: Euro;                                                                    high relative humidity

Government: federal republic


Benefits to study in Germany:

  • Internationally recognized degree;
  • Land of Ideas;
  • A Diverse Range Of Study Opportunities;
  • Part time jobs during Study process;
  • Great job opportunities;
  • Germany has the third largest economy;
  • A Safe Country!
  • You Learn a Language Which Can Open Many Doors!
  • A chance to explore all aspects of life in Germany
  • Staying in Germany after your studies;

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What can you study after Completing Pathway Program?

  1. University of Applied Sciences(State University):

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Bachelor Courses of studies:

  • Applied computer science;
  • Electrical engineering / Information technology ;
  • Chemical and environmental engineering ;
  • Technical business administration ;
  • Business administration ;
  • Culture and media education;
  • Industrial engineering and management;
  • Technical writing and E-learning systems ;
  • Mechanical engineering/Mechatronics / physics technology ;
  • Plastics technology ;
  • Business Informatics ;

Master courses of study:

  • Mechanical/Mechatronics /Physics Technology ;
  • Project Management ;
  • Chemical and Environmental Engineering ;
  • Computer science and communication systems ;
  • Cultural Management/- marketing;

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  1. University of Applied Science:

Bio-Product Technology (Degrees – Bachelor, Master):

  • Chemicals industry particularly in consumer oriented branches
  • Bio technology industry
  • Waste and waste management companies
  • Agro industry
  • Senior management position in industry. Consulting and research

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Health Sciences (Degrees – Bachelor, Master):

  • Development and implementation of health promotion and disease prevention concepts
  • Control, marketing and management
  • Health monitoring experience
  • Planning and implementation of health projects
  • Management of healthcare facilities

Nursing Administration (Degrees – Bachelor, Master):

  • Nursing and care management in middle and higher management levels
  • Internal and external quality management
  • Utilization of care and nursing knowledge and skills through practice and research
  • Advanced education and practical nurses training
  • Nursing, hospital and administration management positions (Master)

Geoinformatics (Degree Bachelor) :

  • Surveying, engineering, planning for environmental and consulting firms
  • Planning for urban, local and regional authorities
  • Environmental monitoring and planning
  • Development of information services
  • Software development companies
  • Geoinformatics and Geodesy (Degree Bachelor):
  • Photogrammetry and Cartography
  • Remote sensing, land management
  • Academic teaching or research
  • Landscape Architecture (Degrees – Bachelor, Master):
  • Engineering and planning firms
  • Within the horticultural and landscape sectors
  • Planning authorities and departments for local or federal government
  • Environmental authorities, conservation organizations
  • Academic facilities

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How To Apply:

  1. Apply For the Program

To check candidate for eligibility please send us below mentioned Academics:

  • School leaving certificate (12 class) + transcript with minimum 55% of marks;
  • German Language certificate;
  • IELTS certificate;
  • Copy of international passport;
  1. Conditional Offer of Admission-

In case candidate is eligible for program he/ she will get offer letter in 2 days’ time

  1. Accept your conditional Offer of Admission-

Applicant is required to pay initial fee- 1000Euros

  1. Offer of Admission-

You will get The final letter for Admission from Nova Education Center GMBH Berlin and German State University.

  1. Prepare required documents for visa-

All documents which are required from Embassy (including: Blocked Account, Bank Statement,

Medical Insurance, Police Clearance Certificate) and Apply for Visa.

  1. Visa approval- Transfer the tuition fee-

Transfer remained tuition fee for the first year.

  1. Arrival in Germany!


Living expenditure as a student-

You should expect to pay the following expenses during your stay in Germany:

Rent and utilities € 298
Food and drink € 165
Clothing € 52
Learning materials € 30
Car and public transportation € 82
Health insurance, medical costs, medicine € 66
Telephone, internet, TV Recreation, culture, € 33
sports € 68
Total € 794

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