Washington University of Barbados USA

Washington University of Barbados- School Of Medicine!!

As a part of internationalization of our Medical College, we introduce to you the No.1 medical education institution- in World Class Country, with a defined mission in creating and delivering a USMLE based curriculum through the articulation of study, USMLE Teaching, Research and 3D Animated Integration and Medical Education.

Overview of University:

Washington University of Barbados, School of Medicine is one among the top medical universities in Americas. This medical school in Barbados offers the best quality education in America without MCAT, IELTS and TOEFL. The campus is situated in the beautiful country of Barbados, is one of the most reputed groups

of Elite medical schools in the Americas serving students all over the globe in the field of medicine and clinical research.

The university is solely dedicated to prepare students for USMLE (The United States Medical Licensing Examination) and to make students the best in the field of medicine. It is also one of those medical schools where students would find the professors with the vast amount of experience not only in education but also in the field of professional medical practice.

10 Reasons Why Students Choose Washington University Of Barbados:

One among Top 10 Medical Schools in the World
Recognized by MCI, WHO, FAIMER, IMED
No MCI Screening Test Required after completion of Residency
Excellent Affiliated Hospitals in Atlanta, USA
On-campus dorms for students
Clinical Rotations in US/UK/Canada/Malaysia Etc
Only University Provides Indian, Mexican, and Continental Food
80% of Practical oriented USMLE Based Teaching
Only University Provides Indian, Mexican and continental Food
Zero Crime Rate entire World.

Overview of Country:

Barbados is a coral paradise in the Caribbean Islands. It is a delightful mix of culture, food, natural scenic beauty, a warm climate and the sea that merges with the blue skies in the distant horizon. It is a beautiful country with secure living conditions. There are eleven parishes and four towns, each with their own character, charm and history.

The beauty of this place has rubbed onto every Barbadian heart. There is a smile on every face and a twinkle in every eye. It is the most pleasant place to pursue your dream of mastering the art and science of modern medicine.

Also the link below for more WUB details.

Student eligibility criteria: http://www.wubmed.org/eligibility-criteria-admission-requirements-md-program.php

MD program: http://www.wubmed.org/5-years-md-doctor-of-medicine-medical-degree-program-barbados-caribbean.php

Tuition Fees: http://www.wubmed.org/tuition-fees-md-program-washington-university-barbados.php

Gallery: http://www.wubmed.org/gallery.php

For details and Admission :

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