MBBS in Germany


MBBS in Germany – A great diversity of cultures has influenced life in Germany. It is a modern and cosmopolitan country where berlin is the capital. Frankfurt is the center for international finance. It is a country which is rich in natural beauty. The longest river in the country is Rhine which runs for 865 kilometers. Germany has the largest population among all the countries in Europe. People of Germany love to celebrate carnivals in traditional style.


Germany was a collection of 1000 small states and 350 principalities in the middle of 19th century. The country experienced an upsurge in economic output. The German empire was founded when Wilheim I of Prussia was declared as the German emperor. Large scale industrialization took place in the country. In the 1920s loss of territory and political upheaval led to loss of territory. During World War II, Hitler declared dictatorship in Germany. Today, Germany is an independent country and is officially called as Federal Republic of Germany.


Germany is the seventh largest country in Europe. Denmark lies to the north of the country while Austria and Switzerland lie on the south. The country spans over 137,847 square miles. The population in the country is approximately eighty-one million. The country comprises of sixteen states. The three main rivers in the country are Rhine, Elbe and Danube. Rugen is Germany’s largest island which is highly forested and includes steep cliffs.

Why Germany

Germany is acclaimed as one of the best centers for learning in the world which offers medical programs. It offers excellent education for medical students. The level of education in the country is very high. It is at par with the global standards of education in the world. The state-of-the-art infrastructure in the universities can be compared with the best institutes in the world. The experienced and dedicated staff ensures that the students imbibe accurate skills and knowledge.

MBBS in Germany

Germany offers cost-effective education to the overseas students. Second year onwards the students are allowed to work part-time. Germany is a leader in medical technology and equipment. This makes it a favored destination among the students. The courses offered by the universities are recognized across the globe. The visa process to study in Germany is easy and simple. After working for 5 years, you are eligible for Permanent Residency in the country.


Medical University has an excellent department for medicine. It trains the students with knowledge which helps them to overcome challenges in their profession. The university offers an interactive environment for advanced learning. Medical University focuses on practical training and technical knowledge. Social and ethical skills are taught to the students. Another university, which is known for its dedicated staff and certified experts is Munster University. It offers 250 courses of study and lays emphasis on research.

Fee structure

No tuition fee is charged from students who wish to pursue MBBS in Germany. Education in Germany is funded by the Federal Government. The students need to pay a minimum of Euros 500 for incurring expenses like purchasing books and other academic materials. Language training in the country can cost up to Euros 6700.

Admission Process

Indian students aspiring to study MBBS in Germany need to score a minimum of 60% in the 12th standard. Preferable they also need to clear the first year of graduation. Scores of IELTS and TOEFL are mandatory. Proficiency in German language is an added advantage. A good academic record helps the students to procure admission in the reputed universities. A valid passport and a statement of purpose are required during admission.


In student residences, you will be able to book cheap rooms and small apartments. Private shared accommodation is a popular choice among students. Each flat is shared by a number of students while the kitchen is shared by all. A flat or an apartment can be the right choice if you wish to live on your own and enjoy a quiet, peaceful environment.


Public transport network in Germany is highly developed. The best ways to travel in the country are by car or train. Ferry services are also on offer. Buses run along popular routes at regular intervals. Car rental outlets allow you to hire your own vehicle. Rail network in Germany is considered as the best in Europe. Depending on the distance you plan to travel you can avail benefits of discount tickets.


Germany is a country which offers culinary delights. Ancient cooking methods are used to prepare the dishes. Popular spices, which are used in German dishes, are mustard, horseradish and juniper berries. Modern German chefs aim at creating new ad light fare which is delectable. Popular dishes of the country include Sauerkraut and Sauerbraten in which roasted beef is cooked in wine and vinegar.


Summer in Germany is hot and the winters are snowy. Rain can occur in any season. So it is necessary to be prepared with umbrellas and raincoats always. The weather is at its bstt in autumn. When the temperature is mild, it is the best time for outdoor fun.


Hamburg University
Heidelberg University
Charite University

Course duration

1 year Studienkolleg + 6 year 

1 year Studienkolleg – [German language classes Upto B2 level + biology classes + Medical terms]

Course language- German


Tuition fee- ZERO[ for 6 years]
-6700 euro [ For 1 year Student colleague]

Hostel fee& Food – 500 euro/month

Insurance – 100 euro/year.


12th – 70% {min.}

School leaving certificate

Migration certificate

German language – A1 from Goethe center [Mandatory]
-B2 level is highly acceptable 

BOI – Bona-fide of instruction 

Reference letter – 2 teachers 

Motivation letter – 300 words 

Birth certificate 

Valid passport

Health certificate- HIV, HEPATITIS-A&B

Block account deposit – 8040 euro in Deutsche bank or Kotak Manindra bank  

Admission Process

Processing time- 45days {min.}

processing charge including Admission letter,invitation letter,visa processing,air port pick up, hostel shifting.

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