Medical PG in Germany

Doctors Required in Deutschland

•Germany is the 3rd largest economy in the world.
•Medical science is Highly developed in Germany.
•Berlin Medical Center , Germany Offering Asian doctor to practice in Germany.
•More than 10 hospitals Available in different cities like Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg.

•The Hospitals which is co-operation with Berlin medical center, Berlin, Germany, is offering Foreign medical doctors to practice and prepare for Approbation test program along with German Medical Terminology and Language program(A2-C1) in co-operation with Berlin Language center.

List of Few hospitals
•Bremen cardo center
•St. Vinzenz Hospital
•Bremen central hospital
•Alexian Krankenhaus hospital, Berlin
•Algofin GMBH, Berlin
•Askanier apotheke, Berlin
•Zahanenstrassen Albostart Kliniken, Bremen
Many more..

MBBS Doctor : 3500 – 5000 euro per month
PG Doctor : 4500 – 6000 euro per month
BDS Doctor : 4000 – 5500 euro per month
MDS Doctor : 4500 – 6500 euro per month

•Students start medical practice as a junior doctors, they will get appropriate compensation package as per the German labor law standards. On an average, our junior doctor candidates would start with Euro 4,000 per month (gross) plus other employee benefits including over time and holidays pays extra with overhead expenses.

•Doctor have to join Approbation test preparation program Along with German medical terminology and German Language(A2-C1).
•Fees will be 3750* euro for full program.
•The course duration will be 1 year & 3 month

Class Schedule
•Classes hour – for Approbation program & German medical terminology
9AM – 12 PM [Mon- Wed- Fri ]
•Classes hour –for Language program
1 hr./ day [Mon-Sat]

Work Schedule
•Doctor can work every day 4-5 hr. work Schedule will be fix by Hospital management.
•1st year doctor work as junior doctor in hospital and from 2nd year, work as Senior doctor.

•MBBS/BDS/Medical-PG/MDS certificate- 60%
•Min. 1 year experience.
•German language Required- A1 level
•MCI clearance (if studied in foreign country)
•Medical License
•Health certificate( HIV & HEPATITIS- A&B )
•Valid passport
•NO Visa rejection before.
•NO any criminal issues.

•Visa type
•Medical Training visa- D VISA
•2 year visa and than doctors have to extend every year.

Accommodation & Food
•For Residence doctor have to pay – 250 euro/month.
Hospital will arrange full furnished residence for doctors.
[ 1 Room + Hall + kitchen + Bathrooms ]

•For food, min. expense will be -100euro/month.

•Process: Step – by – Step.
•Step-1 : Doctors have to submit all required document+ Initial Registration amount.
•Step-2 : Doctors will receive Admission letter and offer letter from hospital for Job
•Step-3 : Once receive Admission letter, doctor must pay amount for Invitation letter.
•Step-4 : We will apply for Invitation letter
•Step-5 : After getting invitation letter , we will prepare for visa Document including Student Bank account(8040 euro). And attain the visa interview
•Step-6 : Visa Process take max. 2 week to issue.
•Step-7 : Once we get Visa, within 7 working day, doctor will be in GERMANY.

How to get German Medical License aka Approbation
No matter if you are going to work as an assistant doctor at residency or as a specialist doctor, you should first get medical license called “Approbation” in Germany in any case.

Is medical license necessary for residency?

According to the Law on Foreign Physician Recognition, all foreign physicians who want to work in Germany should have medical lisense the same as locals. Students in Germany receive this license right after their graduation.

Foreign physicians should pass an exam calld “Kenntnisprüfung” in German for the recognition of their diploma received outside Germany and for getting their medical license. The infograpic below shows eight steps which you must take to study residency in Germany:

1.Starting to learn German Language
2.Searching for A free place for Residency in Clinical
3.Getting your German Language Certificate level B2
4.Prepration For the Exam for Medical Licence – Approbation
5.Getting your admission letter from the Clinic
6.Getting your Visa and coming to Germany
7.Passing the Approbation and getting the Medical Licence
8.Starting the Residency contract with the clinic and starting

Germany is composed of 16 independently governed states. In this respect, the law on getting medical license is different. Some states maintain old system and physicians who don’t get license are permitted to work in “guest doctor” status (Gastarzt). In this case, foreign physicians should finance their study by themselves.

Before starting work, you could get temporary work permit (Berufserlaubnis) and get ready for medical license in this period. Duration of work permit varies from state to state depending upon where the hospital you are working for is located.

What should I do to get medical license?

As mentioned above, except some states, according to overall German legistation, to acquire medical license diploma recognition exam (Kenntnisprüfung or Gleichwertigkeitsprüfung) is compulsary.

You must first get temporary work permit and work in one of clinics in Germany. It is necessary to be able to take the exam. After preparing your documents, you must apply to sit for the exam in a state where you work and reside.

On which subjects exams are taken?

Exam is usually taken on four subjects and in most states, students can choose subjects. General surgery and internal diseases subjects are a fixed part of the exam in some states and cannot be subject to any change.

Exams are usually easy to pass. Taking into consideration that students are foreigners and speak German at B2 level, they will be given a chance. Although the exam asks questions on four different subjects, most of the questions are related to intended residency area. For example, if you want to choose ophtalmology as a residency area, you will be mainly asked from internal diseases subject, head and eye diseases and from general surgery subject about operations on mentioned organs.

If you fail to pass the exam, you will have two more chances. You would not be able get physician license in Germany any more if you fail in the third time.


Medical Center Berlin Kaulsdorf

Avicenna Clinic Berlin

PMC Berlin – Private Medical Center

Nephrocare Berlin-Weissensee GmbH


Approbation preparation university link

Medical Specialization ( Residency ) in Germany

Our program invites young doctors to medical residency in world’s most prestigious and technologically advanced clinics. While we are helping you with documentation, admission, work permit and similar bureaucratic stuff, you can concentrate on learning German away from stress, feeling confident that you rely on professionals.

The biggest advantage of residency in Germany is that by studying here you will obtain a degree which is recognized worldwide, and also encounter numerous job opportunities as the clinics are very prestigious. Thanks to the long-standing relations with German clinics, it is quite easy for us to facilitate the admission of our clients into residency.

Irrespective of where you have graduated, in Europe or another location, you can easily get into medical residency with our assistance. During last 15 months 340 international doctors have begun residency in Germany by means of this program. In general 10,500 international doctors undertook residency in Germany in 2013.

What you must know:

Minimum wage: you can also get a salary from the clinic with our help. This salary ranges from 5000 Euro to 3000 Euro depending on the residency area which you are going to study. We must note that a certain percentage is deducted from the salary of the singles as a tax to the government. The salary rises over the time. Besides, you can earn additional wage through weekend shifts. Usually a doctor resident on a shift is paid a wage of 200-250 Euro per day.

Duration of residency: The length of residency varies from five up to six years depending on the residency area. Dentistry residencies are between 1 and 3 years long.

Application date: You can embark on residency anytime. The main requirement is the knowledge of German language at the necessary level.

Language competency: Usually at least language level B2 is required for admission into residency. It is impossible to get admission without knowledge of the language. However, you can be admitted to the residency for a period starting half a year later without language proficiency and learn German during this time span. Those who do not command German can avail themselves of our language course services.

We will assist you in doing all the necessary stuff from A to Z in case you make use of our services for admission into residency. Furthermore, we help you in both getting admission into residency and obtaining work permit. Thus, you will have an opportunity to study in one of the German clinics by earning the same wage as German residents. This is an inimitable chance for doctors who would like study in a prestigious clinic and earn money simultaneously.

Language courses in Germany

Program on German Application service announces high-quality, broad-spectrum language courses in different cities of Germany all year round certificates of which are acknowledged by higher schools.

Regardless of profession, academic purpose and language knowledge, everyone can participate in the German language courses. Registering in language courses in Germany you not only learn language better in a short term, but also get opportunity to visit surrounding cities and travel to countries such as Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland and Denmark at the weekends. Besides, you will get opportunity to widen your world view by contacting people from different nationalities and getting acquainted with their culture. As well as you can enjoy and get pleasure while studying.

In Germany in most faculties language of instruction is German. Besides this, the most important condition for university admission is language skills. That’s why, the first thing to do for everyone who wants to go to Germany is to study this language. Of course, you can study German in your own country as well. However, you will be able to study the language more quickly and easily in language courses of Germany.

3 main reasons to study the language in Germany:

You need to learn German language from German people. Here you get opportunity of studying at the best courses teaching German. Does not matter how good German is taught in Azerbaijan, language level studied for higher education does not satisfy future students and causes troubles in the future. As the instructors of the courses here are Germans, the best option is learning from them. For many years these courses were the best way for foreigners to study German, and they are professionals of their job.

Learn the language living it. By attending a course in Germany, you will practise it not only during course hours, but also in daily life. Germans that you will communicate in your daily life will play great role in studying specifics of language.

Have fun while studying. While attending a language course you will learn about culture and everyday life of the people where you live in and the days which you spent there will play great role in formation of your worldview and you will get benefit from memorable practice. Besides, as Germany is situated in the very center of Europe and have open borders with other European countries, you will get opportunity to travel to France, Holland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium in your leisure time.

Internships and courses in Germany

Agrowing number of foreigners are admitted to internships in many different companies and organizations of Germany through our program. Internships in leading companies and organizations of the world will be the irreplaceable experience for your future career. Internship in Germany will broaden your information about the work environment, condition and state of this place.

What is an internship?

By doing internship, you work in any company or organization in certain time period (it may vary from some days up to some months) Paid and non paid internships are available.

Being the most powerful country in Europe and the country with the third largest economy, Germany provides internship opportunities with its developing huge companies. By taking advantage of these opportunities, we makes bridges between the interns and companies and assists in documentation and admission issues.

Medical internships

Medical internship is usually understood as a practice in clinics. Medical internships can be agreed to any time period and many clinics allow to work? They are mainly non-paid internships.

Master-class courses

Master-class courses are understood as training courses. These courses are mainly paid and you can get theoretical and practical knowledge in any field.

What you should know

  1. Eligibility – Everyone can be intern regardless of his/her job and academic level.

  2. The language of internship – Mainly, it is in English and German. There is also choice of Russian and Spanish.

  3. Internship fee – Generally this fee is symbolic (mainly €150) and spent on documentation processes. But some organizations – for example, practical training courses in medical area about €1.000 and €50.000. We will assist you in optimal choice.

  4. Duration of internship changes from a week up to a year time period, it may be different depending on company and organization. Generally the requests of interns are taken into account.

Work in Germany

Growing economy leds to generation of new job places in Germany. Local citizens of Germany is decreasing rapidly thats why a lot of companies seeking for new employees. With coordination of our program you could get hired into high paid jobs in Germany.

There is a great need for engineers, scientists , and physicians. It is too easy to find high paid jobs in these areas.

How to find a job in Germany ?

First of all our experts are ready for consultation at any time. Besides this various information about these issues are posted to our site. Following our site will avail therein.

You can do initial search on the internet by yourself. If you have difficulties to find job we can assist you.

Who is allowed to work in Germany?

No matter what is your nationality and occupation according to latest local legislation anyone can work in Germany. You need only meet requirements of your workplace (language skills , theoretical and practical knowledge) After getting job you can get a residence permit in Germany by EU Blue Card and start working here. If you would like you can get citizenship and permanent residence after few years.

What is the conditions of recruitment in Germany?

The main condition of getting job here is to have any occupation.If you have got higher education in order to get job you should have your diploma recognized. This especially related to lawyers and physicians.In areas such as bussiness , economics and engineering companies give special attention to knowledge rather than diplomas ,sometimes they may test you during interviews.

You should know:

You will have medical insurance while working here. In any case of disease your payments for treatment will be reimbursed.

While working in Germany you should pay income tax. If you are not married then it could be 10-30% of your income.

After getting a job in Germany you would get permission to bring your family. They are not obliged to know German language like you. In Germany you should know the languages which included in your job requirements. For example if you are hired as engineer at Siemens and your language of instruction is English then you are not obliged to know German. But it is reccomended to learn German for living here. 123 million people in 6 country over Europe speak German.

10 Great Reasons to study in Germany

If you are reading this article by browsing our website, you have probably already considered studying in Germany and heard of education in Germany. Here are the ten advantages of studying in Germany:

  1. High quality higher education: Given the results of some researches and the German quality perspective, German high education is considered to be one of the top quality educations in the world, alongside with American and British. German universities are deemed as world leaders in medicine and engineering.

A number of faculty members has won Nobel Prize for their successes. Lots of scientific innovations are discovered and invented at German universities. It suffices to say that RWTH Aachen earned $1,3 billion in 2013 from the projects based upon the discoveries and inventions made at this university. The amount outnumbers some countries’ annual budget. Do we have to remind that a vaccine was developed against uterine cancer and patients were successfully treated at Heidelberg University in 2012? By the way, the doctors were awarded three Nobel Prizes that year.

  1. Top ranked universities:Nowadays some institutions are rating world universities. A variety of criteria are assumed as a basis in rankings. Citation of scientists abroad, teaching quality, researches, the ability of university to get funding for a project, earnings and similar criteria are included. In annual world rankings traditionally top ten German universities are always placed in top hundred universities among the bests in the world. You can take a look at our article on German universities here.

3.Free education: One of the reasons why many international students want to study in Germany is that German universities are funded by government and consequently most of them are either free or with little tuition fee (most universities require 500€ per semester for documentation purposes).

If funding your education is an important criterion for you, German universities are the only free ones in Europe. Moreover, high quality education makes up one of the most attractive factors for international students.

  1. Infinite opportunities: There are currently 421 universities in German. There exist bachelor and master programmes in almost all study areas. By providing education in diverse areas ranging from veterinary to engineering, from aerospace engineering to business administration, the universities completely meet the needs of international students.
  2. Scholarship opportunities: At the moment hundreds of scholarship programmes are administered for higher education in Germany. It is not astonishing that alongside with free education lots of international students cover their living costs through scholarships. For more information, please click our Scholarships webpage.

  3. Easy admission: Nowadays more than 2,5 million students are enrolled at German universities. Such huge number is associated with the existing facilities and the number of available places for students. Though education is not easy at some universities, admission process does not come about troublesome. In order to smoothen and facilitate admission process, you can make use of our services.

  4. Worldwide recognized diplomas: Diplomasobtained at German universities are automatically recognized in many countries without going through recognition procedure. This feature makes German universities more attractive for international students.

  5. Studying in English: Apart from medicine and law, you can find a course which is taught in English in almost all study areas.

  6. Growing role of Germany: Germany is strengthening its place among five great powers in the world given its growing economy and political power. According to expert opinion, Germany, which is considered EU’s working locomotive, will enjoy the highest living standards a few years later. Not in vain immigrate every year 0,5-0,7 million intellectuals to Germany, believing in its brilliant future.

  7. Living in a nice country in the heart of Europe: Located in the heart of Europe, Germany, a country of stunning nature, is considered to be one of the best destinations for getting education, along with one of the highest living standards in the world. Since you get residence permit of European Union while studying in Germany, all other EU countries are open to you. You can plan a business trip or just a sightseeing tour to other European countries, which are a few hours’ drive from Germany. By studying in Germany, you will not only get high quality education, but also can easily move (without obtaining visa) within European Union and familiarize yourself with the environment in which you can work.

Life in Germany

Probably you aware of advantages of living in Germany. Now we will speak about life in Germany and perspectives of immigrant intellectuals.

Even if it sounds banally three words stated about Germans- high quality, order and discipline defines Germans and Germany .You can see this qualities while walking around Germany and you will find out no matter it is small village or town everything is in high order.

When you first arrive in Germany you could find how it is difficult to be stranger here. If you are not perfectionist some regulations could seem overdoing to you but gradually you will realize that how the perfect system it is and you get used to it by time. If you are not perfectionist some regulations may seem overdoing to you but gradually you will realize how perfectthe system is and you will get used to it by time.

Cultural aspects

Although that punctuality and discipline is very important in this country there is no reason not having fun. German also like entartainment in the same time. In different times of year depending on your location various festivals and events are held.

There are numerous entertainment venues in Germany.After Berlin Wall fall German community undergoed alterations and new form of youth generation appeared which keen on US youth but also look out for German values at the same time.

Find accomodation

While renting apartment in Germany it should be mentioned that not like other countries sometimes here houses are rented in full empty condition.It would be on your own benefit to speak these details with your household in advance.

All houses are rented out on tenance agreement in Germany.All aspects should be agreed with household and included in contract to avoid any potential problems.

As a rule households will ask you to pay 2 months security deposit before moving. If you caused any damage when you leave house this would be indemnified by the deposit you have paid and residiual amount would be refunded to you then.

It is important to follow some rules while living in German houses. As a general rule making such noise that could upset neighbours is not permitted after 10.00 pm. As well as you should keep silence after 8 pm on Saturdays and all day long on Sundays.

Barbecue making should be agreed with apartment warden in advance. You should get permission to use apartment yard .Details like these is very important in Germany otherwise you could meet police officers in front of your door.

Medical insurance

One of the advantages of living here is inexpensive medical insurance opportunities.While comparing to other countries medical insurances usually fully reimburses all immediate treatments .There are also a range of medical insurances such as public and private . If you want to get prioritisation in hospitals and to be treated by senior physician private insurance is more suitable for you.

Our services

Daily Help per email

This service is included on all of our Packages. [Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Residency degree, Studienkolleg, Language courses, PhD degree, Masterclass courses, Internships, Work and Treatment services.]

Our Experts will help you, answer your questions on daily basis and assist you on your application process per email conversations. The duration depends on which package you will select. Please note that the answers can take 8-14 hours depending on our working time and your Timezone. Weekends and Holidays in Germany mostly not included.

Live Meeting

This service is included on only “Assistance package” and “Full admission Package” of our Service fields. [Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Residency degree, Studienkolleg, PhD degree, Internships, Work and Treatment services.]

You can ask all your Questions live. This means you can come to our Office or just make an online conversation with teleconference softwares such as Skype with our Experts. The duration depends on which package you will select.University/Institution/Clinic/Company List

Below all of these will be called only “Institutions”. This service is included on only “Assistance package” and “Full admission Package” of our Service fields. [Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Residency degree, Studienkolleg, Language courses, PhD degree, Masterclass courses, Internships, Work and Treatment services.]

We will make you a list of Institutions, which you can apply for. We will use the criteria that you’ll give us and find best matching Universities for you. Please note that we make lists up to maximum 3 subjects.

CV Optimization

Often applicants send very bad CV to the institutions and in Germany you should have a perfect systemized Resume to get accepted. Our Experts will review your Resume, inform you and optimize your Resume for best results.

Motivation Letter

This is critical point on getting accepted to the German Institutions. Most of institutions ask you for a motivation letter and for a perfect one our Experts will help you and write it for you!

Control of Documents

Before sending all documents to the Universities we must be sure if everything is right. You can come to our office or have a online video conference and we will check every document that they are perfectly written.

Use of our Office

Mostly the one of critical points is timing and deadlines for applications. Sending and getting posts from Germany can take weeks to your country. You can simply use our office as your representative address in Germany. It takes only 15 to 25 day to get admission from institutions and we inform you per email as soon we get the admission.

Institution check

Getting Vis

We’ll also help you on procedure to get Visa after admission. This includes only information about getting Visa in your country and what you should do about it.

Placement, welcoming

If needed we can help you to find a place to stay in Germany, speak with landlords and other actions needed for this purpose. We can also take you from Airport with our car and bring you to your staying place, show and teach you how to travel in Germany without knowing German language. Rides more than 50km must be paid for extra gas.

Admission for language course

We’ll also help you to get admitted to a language course. [you should pay only language course fee]

Study and Work in Germany
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