Nursing in Ireland, Holland and UK

Nursing in Ireland

All nurses who wish to work in Ireland are required to register with the NMBI. NMBI maintains the Register of Nurses and Midwives in Ireland. It is illegal to practise as a nurse or a midwife if you are not on the Register.
NMBI carry out a full education assessment on all applications for registration.

To be eligible to apply for registration to the register, you must:

1.Hold a current registration, or licence without restriction, with the competent authority in the country in which you qualified or have been practising

2.If you completed your nurse/midwifery registration education programme more than five years prior to the date of application, you must have practiced for at least 12 months during
that five year period

3.Meet the English language competence requirements; IELTS score of 7.0.

4.Have completed extra courses leading to registration as a first level nurse, if you hold the following qualifications

• State enrolled nurse
• State certified nurse
• Licensed practical nurse
• Vocational nurse
• Nurse’s aide, and
• An associate degree (United States)

Nursing TOP UP Program (One Year) leading to BSc Hons Nursing
If a student is trained as Nurse completes an UG program in Ireland they will meet the requirements to work as a Registered Nurse in Ireland by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) because they have completed an approved course by NMBI. This course will lead to registration. Students will then register with NMBI.
The advantage of the BN International is that students can work 20 hours per week during term time and 40 hours per week during academic holidays under the student visa they obtain to attend the course. When they complete the BNI programme they are allowed the graduate visa – to work full time for one year. It is during this time that a lot of them apply for registration as their language level has also improved.
The programme has two advantages – it help’s with a route into registration as a registered nurse and they have a Bachelor level 8 degree which will ultimately help when applying for jobs or seeking career progression.

Bachelor of Nursing (International)

International Courses, Healthcare, Degree Programmes

One Year Full-time


Start Date:
January & September

Qualification Required:
Diploma in Nursing or equivalent / Registered Nurse in country of origin / IELTS 6.5
Qualification Attained:
Bachelor Of Nursing

This top-up Bachelor of Nursing (BN) (International) programme aimed at preparing nurses to work globally. The degree programme is designed to ensure that students attain the professional competence and academic credit to work in a variety of clinical settings around the world.
All students are allocated an academic advisor to support their educational development in addition to, a designated International Student tutor (IST) to facilitate language, cultural, social and personal support.
Module/Subject Titles: (Total: 90 ECTS)
· Patient Safety in the Healthcare Setting (15 ECTS)
· International Nursing Practice (15 ECTS)
· Evidence Based Practice 1 (10 ECTS)
· Evidence Based Practice 2 (15 ECTS)
· Empowerment & the Nurse-Client Relationship (10 ECTS)
· Leadership & Management for Effective Healthcare Delivery (10 ECTS)
· Contemporary Nursing Issues (15 ECTS)

Course Duration:
One Calendar Year (full-time)
What you need to apply?
• International applicants must have an international recognised Diploma in Nursing
• International students will require a degree of fluency in the English language. An overall score of 6.5 in the IELTS Exam is required.
Applicants with an overall IELTS score (or equivalent) of 6.0 will be accepted onto the programme but will be required to take IELTS training classes between January – June in addition to BN International modules. Students must re-sit IELTS exam in July and must achieve an overall score of 6.5 to be able to progress onto the remaining BN International modules between September – December.
• International applicants must be registered nurses in country of origin
• Completed application form which includes a personal statement of no more than 300 words which explains how this programme will help them achieve their future academic/vocational objectives
There are options for student whose English proficiency (IELTS) is not to the level. Depending on their level, they can either attend a Pre-sessional English course to bring up to the level required
or 1 year foundation programme to prepare them for entry onto the Nursing International degree course.
Selection Process:
· Completed application form which includes their personal statement
· Meets minimum requirements
· Recognised Diploma in Nursing
· Registered nurse in country of origin
· Original academic documentation & experiential records to support application

Course Fees:
Students with Academic IELTS 6.5: Non-EU €10,250.00. Scholarships available based on academic achievements, English Language Score & Work Experience
Students with Academic IELTS 6.0: Non-EU €10, 950.00. Scholarships available based on academic achievements, English Language Score & Work Experience.

Work and Study in Ireland, Holland and UK.
Work Part time / full time. Option to settle in Ireland, Uk and Holland.

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