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The leading High Schools in North America,

                                                    “Toronto International College in Canada.

About Toronto International College (TIC), Toronto , Ontario, Canada:

Toronto International College (TIC) is an inspected private school duly registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education under the BSID Number: 665800. Located in Toronto, Canada’s largest city and the provincial capital of Ontario, TIC is committed to granting OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) and credits of UP (University Preparation) courses to students.

TIC is committed to offering Ontario Secondary School, UP (University Preparation), intensive English and GP (Graduate Preparation) courses to students from all over the world, aiming at helping international students fast track to Canadian and American prestigious universities, open the door access to many new chances, and equip with the ability of rising to future challenges. TIC offers every student excellent education and instruction to make good academic foundation leading to a world-class university.

TIC’s Advantages

  • Convenient Location
  • Profound and Senior Teachers and Caring Staff
  • Well-designed Intensive ESL Courses
  • Complete Student Service
  • Professional Individual Psychology Counseling Service
  • UP Courses Strictly Evaluated and Widely Recognized in Universities of Canada
  • Multi-cultural Learning Environment
  • Distinctive Pathways to Universities and Community Colleges
  • Small Class Size and Careful Tutorial Support After Class
  • Professional University Placement
  • Culture Exchange and Home Stay Service

Courses offered:

International students can chose the following program at TIC:

  1. ESL(English as Secondary Language)
  2. EAP(English for Academic Purpose)
  3. Grade 9 to Grade 12 High School Credit Courses
  4. University Preparation Program
  5. Prestigious University Preparation Program
  6. AP(Advanced Placement Program)
  7. TIC+Centennial College/TIC+Conestoga College Pathway Program
  8. IELTS
  9. PG(Post Graduate Preparation)

You can find more information about TIC and our program here

Tuition & Fees


 Why Canada? Why Toronto?

 Canada has always been known as a safe country to live and study in. Canada opens numerous opportunities to everyone. Canada is home of internationally renowned universities that are ranked within the world’s top 50 universities for their academic outcomes. As Times Higher Education World University ranking runs, University of Toronto is 16th; University of British Columbia and Mc-Gill University are 31st (Same Ranking).

 Studying in Canada costs less than in other countries such as Australia, US, and the UK. Canada offers lower tuition fee and falls in the middle among the top educational markets.
Tuition cost is not the only consideration. Canada also offers lower cost of living than most European countries and the US. In 2013, Canada welcomed a record 100,000 international students, an increase of 60 per cent from 2004. (Source: HSBC Research 2013)


 Why Toronto, Ontario
Toronto is the perfect place to study English and have the experience of a lifetime. Although it is the biggest city in Canada, Toronto is safe and secure. Aside from its cultural diversity, Toronto has a rich selection of tourist attractions. Whether you like dining, sports, theatre, shopping, museums, or entertainment, Toronto has it all! The province of Ontario is home to many prestigious universities such as University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Queens University, McMaster University, and University of Ottawa.



  •  Better chance for TIC’s students to obtain admission offers and scholarships from universities than other internationally applying students
  • Premium fast-track preparation courses to save time and costs
  • Established recognition by parents and students
  • Strict dedication to academic performance
  • Small class size and qualified, experienced, and encouraging faculty
  • Safe location & outstanding accessibility by public transit
  • Inspected Private School registered under the BSID Number 665800 of the Ontario Ministry of Education
  • Member of the Ontario Federation of Independent School (OFIS)
  • Member of Languages Canada
  • Official venue for IELTS examinations 


 Admission Requirements & Conditions

• Some courses require English proficiency. This can be met by presenting IELTS 6.5 or above (or of an equivalent test), or by taking TIC’s Language Learning Courses
• Must be physically and mentally healthy

 University & College Preparation Courses (UP)
• Must be a current high school student or a recent high school graduate

Prestigious University Preparation Courses (PU)
• Must be a current high school student or a recent high school graduate
• Must have minimum GPA of 85% or above for past 3 years
• Must pass the entrance exam

Language Learning Courses (ESL/EAP/IELTS)
• No admission restrictions

 Pre-Masters Graduate Preparation Courses (GP)
• Must have 4 year’s bachelor’s degree from a recognized university
• Must have minimum cumulative GPA of 85% or above. Last 2 year’s GPA must not be below  85%

Dual Offer – Pathway Program (Non-Graduate Certificate Program)
• Must be a current high school student or a recent high
school graduate OR
• Must be an adult, aged 20+

Dual Offer – Pathway Program (Graduate Certificate Program)
• Must have either a college diploma or a university degree

* Course offerings are subject to TIC policies and student demand

 Our Academic Programs…

1) University Preparation Program (UP)

 University Preparation Program (UP) is a TIC’s regular program that is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills that they need to meet the entrance requirements for
university programs. Students who are considering to study in Canadian universities or colleges will benefit from this program as it is based on rigorous provincial curriculum expectations and emphasize the development of both independent research skills and independent learning skills.
Students who are interested to enroll in to this program may need to take a number of ESL
levels to improve their English skills required for the University Preparation Program.

Placement :

 2) Canadian Prestigious University Preparation Program (PU Program)

Prestigious University Preparation Program (PU) is a TIC’s premium specialty program that is
designed to provide international students with a fast-track pathway that helps students to
enter the prestigious universities.
Being the flagship program for TIC, the PU program is designed to provide students with
vigorous training to maximize the students’ academic potential.
The PU program always has been in high demand by the students and the parents despite
its limited seats.

Placement :


Our English Programs…

1) languages Canada

Languages Canada is a not-for-profit association representing more than 225 private and public language education members across Canada that offer accredited English and French programs. Membership is limited to programs from the public and private sectors that meet the
rigorous standards of the association. Languages Canada is recognized by the Canadian government and internationally.

Toronto International College is proud to have its programs accredited by Languages Canada. This is to provide top-tier English education to TIC’s students.


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) assesses the English language proficiency of people who want to study or work where English is used as the language of communication. All Canadian universities accept IELTS results as part of the application package. IELTS conforms to the highest international standards of language assessment.
IELTS is a secure, valid and reliable test of real-life ability to communicate in English for education, immigration and professional accreditation.

Toronto International College has extended its service to students by administering IELTS test on campus. TIC’s students now can enjoy the convenience and comfort of writing their IELTS test within the familiar environment.

 3) ESL / EAP / IELTS Preparation

At TIC, we offer ESL (English as a Second Language) and EAP (English for Academic Purposes) courses, as well as courses designed to prepare students for the internationally
recognized standardized English test such as IELTS. All instructors at TIC are highly qualified and experienced professionals. On top of their professional expertise, they are friendly, approachable, and engaging. TIC’s intensive language modules come in variety of topics of interest, with difficulty levels ranging from Basic to Advanced.
The ESL courses are available with five modules: Basic, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate,
High Intermediate and Advanced. Each level of ESL course is composed of 7 weeks (5 days each week and 6 hours each day) of intensive training in four areas of English proficiency: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
The EAP courses are available with three modules: intermediate, High Intermediate and Advanced. Each level of EAP course is composed of 5 weeks (6 days each week and 8 hours each day) of super-intensive training focusing on essay writing, research skills, and critical thinking skills needed by universities.
Being an official IELTS testing venue, TIC also offers IELTS preparation classes. IELTS classes run Monday to Saturday including mock exams to prepare students for their real IELTS exams.


  • Basic
    low Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • High intermediate
  • Advanced

 4) Summer / Winter / ESL Camps

 The ESL Camp also serves to enhance the international perspectives of the prospective students, to enrich their study and life experience, and to lay a solid foundation for their
pursuit of advanced studies in Canada in the future.

  • Licensed professional teachers
    • Caring and responsible faculty and staff
    • Pleasant but rigorous learning environment
    • Exciting multicultural environment
    • Warm and pleasant Canadian family life
    • Extra-curricular activities and cultural tours to Toronto,
    Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal and the City of Quebec

 Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)

  • The OSSD – Ontario Secondary School Diploma – is a diploma granted to secondary school graduates in the province of Ontario.
    • Ontario’s students usually enroll in a secondary school for total of four years, starting from Grade 9 to Grade 12.
    • Upon successful completion of their secondary school education, students receive Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). The requirements for the OSSD are as follows:
    1. students must earn a minimum of 30 credits, including 20 compulsory credits and 12 optional credits;
    2. students must meet the provincial secondary school literacy requirement;
    3. students must complete 40 hours of community involvement activities.
    • When evaluating student’s application for admission to universities, universities in Ontario prioritize students with the OSSD over students without the OSSD.
    • In most cases, universities in Ontario require Ontario students to submit the final grades of at least six grade 12 university preparation credit courses including English for their university application.

Academic Services

Extra Tutoring : Students enjoy one-on-one tutoring from teachers whenever they need extra help.

Academic Monitoring : Our teachers consistently monitor student’s progress and proactively approach them when they show signs of academic struggle.

Parents Counseling : Parents will be periodically contacted by our counselors regarding student’s academic performance and daily life.

Personalized Education : Counselors offer guidance and may adjust student’s schedule to effectively match the student’s learning capabilities.

University Application : Counselors will consult with students to better understand each student’s academic goals and take care of university application.

E-Campus : Parents have the access to check on their child’s academic progress at any time via
internet based E-Campus.

Student Services
Airport Reception : TIC staff will greet students at the airport and escort them to their home away from home.

Residence Coordinators : Our coordinators will help you arrange accommodation or housing before or after arrival in Toronto.

Health Insurance : TIC students will be covered by the health insurance to safeguard them during their stay in Canada.

Attendance Record : Our staff members take extra care to ensure our students keep on top of their study with good work habits.

Alumni Services : TIC provides the chance to build excellent human networking opportunities for its graduates.


 Accommodation Options…

TIC caring homestay services are designed to ensure students feel themselves at home. Our approachable and thoughtful hosting families allow students to focus on their academics without having to worry about their daily life at the same time. Since the safety of our students is always our priority, TIC homestay providers are carefully screened so that our students
stay in homes with excellent facilities, in safe neighbourhoods. TIC students also have an option to choose school residence. It is subject to first come first serve availability.


           Joint Program of Conestoga College and Toronto International College (TIC)

  1. Profile of the program:
  2. This is the joint program dual-admitted by Conestoga College (an Ontario Public College) and Toronto International College (hereinafter called TIC in brief, an Ontario Private High School). The students who apply for the program would receive the conditional offer of acceptance from Centennial College and TIC at the same time. Students are required to achieve the required ESL standing at TIC in order to progress to the specialized programs of Conestoga College.
  3. The students could progress to a specialized program of Conestoga College upon completion of high school courses with OSSD at TIC and average score 65% or more, but only for senior high students.
  4. After completing the program of Conestoga College, the students have the opportunity to transfer into the University of Waterloo, Western University and Wilfrid Laurier University to continue the undergraduate courses.
  1. Steps in details:
  2. Submit the notarized certificates of highest academic credentials and transcripts for the past three years or more, and undergraduate transcripts for four years;
  3. Fill in registration forms of Conestoga College and TIC;
  4. Pay for registration fee and tuition fee of Conestoga College and TIC;
  5. Issue the offer of acceptance from Conestoga College and TIC;
  6. Submit the application for study permit of Canada.
  1. Advantages:
  2. The program helps Chinese students who have not reached English proficiency requirements save English learning time before enter into specialized program, and facilitates them to make use of this time efficiently to be adapt to future study of specialized program.
  3. The program is beneficial for study permit application, which is sufficient to certify the student has long-term study plan and would continue specialized program after completing ESL courses;
  4. 2% graduates can find relevant jobs within six months after completing all the courses. Conestoga College is recognized widely depending upon its frontier bachelor’s programs, including applied technology, applied health science and international business administration. Conestoga College embraces the most diversified co-op programs, there are more than 40 co-op programs in the college, and the students have the opportunity to participate in the co-op jobs. The programs in the college supply the study experience of theory and practice, and consolidate the skills and employment abilities of students.
  5. The students who want to further study have opportunity to transfer into relevant university to continue their courses.
  6. Conestoga College enjoys a good geographical location, placed in Ontario, 120 kilometers west to Toronto. Conestoga College locates at triangle area of technology of Canada, with surrounding cities like Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph. The living expenses are far less than that of Toronto. The traffic is convenient.
  1. Fees and Payment:

TIC: CAD2,980 per ESL module, about CAD7,000 per semester.


  1. Applicants applicable
  2. Senior high graduates could apply for junior college programs.
  3. The two-year junior college graduates would like to choose different orientations of program.
  4. The three-year junior college graduates or four-year undergraduates would like to apply for graduate certificate programs.

FAQ for “Graduate Certificate Joint Program”

  1. The relevant questions of the school and application
  2. What are the relevant programs of Conestoga College?

Business Programs: Career Development Practitioner, Community and Social Service Management, Global Business Management, Hospitality, Green Management, etc.

Computer Programs: Computer Application Security, Computer Applications Development, etc.

Other Programs: Environmental Engineering Applications, Food Safety and Quality Assurance, etc.

  1. Which programs in Conestoga College are supplied co-op?

Hospitality, Computer Applications Development, Environmental Engineering Applications, etc.

  1. How to prepare application materials?
  2. Fill in the application forms of TIC and Conestoga College;
  3. Non-refundable application fee CAD400 for two schools;
  4. Submit notarial certificate of highest academic diploma as of three-year junior college or four-year university;
  5. Scanned copy of English test score (if applicable, as of IELTS, TOFEL or other tests).
  6. What’s the application procedure?
  7. After submitting the above materials, you would receive the pre-admitted offer and invoice of TIC and Conestoga College;
  8. The tuition fee would be paid by T/T as per the A/C No. and amount designated in the invoice;
  9. Issue the money order to TIC office in Beijing to confirm whether we receive the tuition fee;
  10. The tuition fee would be confirmed to receive within 2-5 workable days;
  11. The official Letter of Acceptance and receipt in electronic edition would be issued by TIC and Conestoga College.
  12. Whether I can be admitted?

The student, whose average score in the past three years is over 75%, has satisfied the basic admission requirements.

  1. The details are required for student into the joint program

The joint program, signed by TIC and Conestoga College, requires student to have the qualified score of Advanced Level at TIC with each part no lower than 75%, and then the student could apply for specialized program of Conestoga College directly without admission test.

  1. How to do if not meet the requirements at TIC?

If not be scored75% in listening and speaking, reading and writing, and grammar, the student should take the admission test of Conestoga College, or supply IELTS or TOFEL score, the student who get qualified score could apply for specialized program.

  1. The relevant questions of the program
  2. What’s channel to register the program?

You could find local intermediary agent who signed agreement with TIC, and also find telephone from to contact with TIC’s office in India

  1. The full length of the program?

Generally speaking, you should study one or two years (no leave at midway), which depends on student’s English level.

  1. Whether you could continue to study master’s degree program after completing the Graduate Certificate in Canada?


  1. Whether the joint program is only limited to one school – Conestoga College?

Yes, we only selected Conestoga College as cooperation partner because of its attention to international students and high employment rate after graduation.

  1. How long does ESL courses last?

It depends on student’s practical English level. TIC will arrange English placement test at entry. The duration is processing from 7 weeks to 35 weeks differently, with the classesat least 8 hours each day from Monday to Friday.

  1. How long does the Graduate Certificate program last?

One year or two years

  1. What are the differences between one-year program and two-year program?

The one-year program can grant student one-year work visa in Canada after graduation, and two-year program would be with 3-year work visa. We suggest student studying 2-year program, or two one-year programs, different programs can be calculated jointly, so the student who studies two one-year programs also can be granted three-year work visa for the convenience of employment and immigration.

  1. What’s the difference of joint program of Conestoga College through your program or through other study abroad organization?
  2. If student is granted qualified scores and graduated from TIC, he/she could apply for the specialized program of Conestoga College directly without IELTS and admission test.
  3. The TIC’s ESL is well designed and intense courses, which is suitable for international students, to save time and money really
  • The expenses and fees of the program
  1. How much do you pay the program for one year?

TIC: ESL CAD2,980 each module for 7 weeks (be subject to the price confirmed at official website of TIC each year)

Conestoga College: CAD13,740 for one year (be subject to the price confirmed at official website of Conestoga College each year)

  1. How much do you pay the living expenses for one year?

About CAD10,000-15,000

  1. Prospect after graduation
  2. Whether the academic diplomas of Conestoga College are recognized by the Ministry of Education in India?

Yes, Conestoga College is the public college of Canada, so its academic diplomas are recognized by the Ministry of Education in India. The full name of the college is Conestoga College Institute of Technology andAdvanced Learning.

  1. May I continue to work and immigrate at Canada after graduation?

Yes, you can be granted one-year work visa after obtaining one-year academic certificate. Generally, we suggest you study a 2-year program, or two one-year programs (two different programs or similar programs), which can be regarded as a two-year program to be granted three-year work visa. You could submit immigration application after one-year work experience.


Toronto International College
BSID Number in the Ontario Ministry of Education: 665800
3550 Victoria Park Avenue, Suite 500, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2H 2N5



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