When it comes to engineering, Germany has a strong reputation. As German firms such as SiemensThyssenKrupp and Bosch have become world leaders, German-speaking engineers and staff can be a highly useful asset for international companies in the industry. Having German language skills can also open new doors to engineers and improve their career prospects.

Our Engineering German courses are fully tailored to the specific needs of engineers, whether they work in the civil, military, mechanical, energy, manufacturing or automotive sector. Whether you are new to the industry or are a working professional, you will learn and practice the specific German skills needed to excel in your job. We arrange this program with professional language school and government language Center.

Engineering German Courses

Our Engineering Language Training provides high quality Engineering German courses to International Engineer graduate to work in German companies in different Cities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. We have an established network of native speaker German trainers with a professional background in engineering. We will work with you to deliver the very best Engineering German course for your needs, based on your lesson objectives, desired end goals, time available, learning style, level and budget.

Our Test Centers:

Ø TU Berlin (Sprachenzentrum Berlin bundessprachzentrum)

Ø Berlin University of Applied science

Ø Munich applied science

Ø TU Munich

German for Engineering Language Training: Course Content:

Ø German Language Course (A1.1-C1.2)

Ø Technical German terminology and vocabulary

Ø Writing emails and reports

Ø Liaising with German-speaking staff

Ø Preparing effective presentations

Duration of the program: 15 Month.

Language course: 10 Month + Deutsch for Engineer 5 Months.

Why to Choose this Program:

ü Get German Proficiency with German Terminology

ü Get an attractive job

ü Highest paid salary

ü Work during training period

We offer this program along with Part-time paid internship in many companies.

Get paid 9.5-12.5 €/Hr. during training and preparation period.

After preparation get the direct job opportunities with 6500€/Month starting salary package.


ü Bachelor’s & Master’s in Engineering (Mechanical, Chemical, Automotive, Civil, Architecture, Computer Science and IT & Technology are in Demand)

ü IELTS 6.0 or BOI from previous institute.

ü German Level A1

ü Recommendation letter 2

ü CV Resume

ü Experience Certificate

Salary Package:

  1. During training period, 1500 -2000€/Month.
  2. After Training Period 3000-4000€/month Onwards.

Job Letter will be from Specific Company and student must attend the Interview.

Our Work:

ü Arrange proper application and prepare CV Resume for University and work place.

ü Arrange language course admission and visa supporting documentation.

ü Arrange accommodation in Germany in Single room or shared flat.

ü Prepare for visa interview and prepare file to get successful visa

ü Airport pick and extend visa immigration clearance.

ü Prepare for job Interview and prepare file for interview with legal lawyer.

ü Arrange work permit to get work allowance from bundestudienwerk.

ü Support to residence permit


Our Co-Operated Companies are:

Siemens Bauhaus

BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik

AGBASF Chemicals

DaimierAirbus group

Bosch Alpine

Air berlin Allianz

Commerzbank AG

Mercedes Ag



Deutsche VermögensberatungKärcher

Many more ….

About 950 German Companies are waiting for the placement in Germany.

Starting salary packages 49000-65000€/Annum

Only 1 out of 50 Engineer are unemployed in Germany, Germany is the best place to work and earn huge money.



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