October 3, 2016

Study in Singapore 🇸🇬

Study in Singapore 🇸🇬

Study in Singapore

Singapore is emerging as a popular destination to study among the international students. In today’s relentlessly innovating global economy, knowledge is not pursued in isolation. It is advanced by the global community of scholars and knowledge workers operating at the forefront of ideas. Singapore emphasizes on all these aspects and provides very productive and competitive education especially in the field of information technology and managements with good value for money by offering internationally recognized degrees at affordable costs.

Singapore known for its vibrancy and numerous tourist destinations has some of the top universities of the world. Large sum of money is spent on the education by the government. For higher education, large number of overseas students comes to Singapore to enroll themselves in the colleges and universities of Singapore. There are public and government aided universities in Singapore. If you want to pursue higher education, Singapore is the place to be. The facilities and educational environment make the universities and colleges one of the best.

The strength of Singapore’s Education system lies in its bilingual policy (English with Malay/Mandarin/Tamil) and a broad-based curriculum where innovation and entrepreneurship command a premium.  Individuals acquire the relevant skills and abilities to survive in competitive environments, equipped for a brighter future.

Singapore’s universities education aspires to prepare students not only for today’s world but also for a world where there will be jobs that have yet to be invented and challenges not yet foreseen. Education has always been key in the growth of development of Singapore society, particularly in the years following 1965 when it became independent republic.

Here are few reasons to study in Singapore

Hub for Educational Excellence
Over the years, Singapore has evolved from its traditional British-based education system to one that endeavors to meet the needs of individuals and seeks to nurture talents.

Stable Economy
Singapore has been rated 3rd among 145 countries in terms of ease of doing business in World Bank’s doing Business 2005 Report. The Swiss based world Economic Forum also rated Singapore as the most competitive economy processing great innovative ability and a Solid macro economy in the world.

A Multi-Cultural Nation
The Nation’s rich multi-cultural heritage is highlighted through the various ethnic groups (Chinese, Malays, Indians, Eurasians) living together. Singapore’s high standards of living also something that student can be assured of.

Infra-structure and Accessibility
Singapore is well connected via sea, air and telecommunications to all parts of the world. Singapore is also probably the most wired country in Asia, with an internet penetration rate of 42% Seamless accessibility to all parts of the island is available in this country, often recognized for its quality and efficient land transport system.

A Vibrant City Lifestyle
Singapore may seem like a small dot on the world map, but the island state bustles all over with attraction and activities. Dining and Shopping are two of the top rated activities of local. Singapore is also strategically located at the heart of Asia and can be a hub to explore the Southeast Asian region.

Singapore, one of the most popular destination among Asian countries for those students who dream of receiving a high quality education at a affordable rate, has a different visa procedure to be followed. While getting a visa is relatively easy (when compared to the United States), if you are not prepared with all the necessary documents, you will get a rejection . While the larger Indian crowd, lesser distance from homeland and excellent facilities with top notch University makes it an ideal destination for higher studies, get yourself acquainted with the visa process to ensure a smooth and trouble free visa experience.

Why Study At Singapore?

  • Singapore has many well reputed Universities with the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) ranked among the top thanks to their offering of a variety of high quality courses, taught by the best in the field.
  • Tuition costs are very reasonable.
  • Cost of living is quite low.
  • Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world.
  • Job opportunities are high.

A General Look at the Visa Procedure:

  • Once admission is obtained, the next step is to obtain a Student Pass or Visa to study in Singapore.
  • The Student Visa is usually issued for the entire duration of study at a cost of 30-50 Singapore dollars.
  • The Student Visa generally takes only about 10-15 working days to be processed and issued but earlier applications are encouraged.


  1. A letter from the University confirming the student’s admit is necessary to be eligible to apply for the Student Pass. The application to obtain a Student Pass can be completed online at the Student Pass Online Application and Registration System (SOLAR).
  2. The applications are submitted to the Singapore Embassy in your country of Residence.
  3. The documents required to apply includes:
    • Letter of admit from the University.
    • Three Completed application forms and visa fees receipt. The visa fees can be paid only through Cheque or Demand Draft.
    • Passport and minimum of two recent passport size photographs.
    • Proof of sufficient funds for the entire duration of study. This includes bank statements, fixed deposits proofs, student or educational loans, etc.
    • Birth certificate
    • Academic Transcripts, Degree certificates, GRE and TOEFL/IELTS score reports.
    • Statement of Purpose, Resume and 3 recommendation letters.
    • Vaccination certificates as per the requirements of the University and the Country.
    • Health and travel insurance (optional).
    • Minimum of 2 photocopies of all the above documents.
  4. The Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) decides the status of the received applications.
  5. The visa processing will take a minimum of 15 days to a maximum of 4 weeks so sufficient time must be allowed for its processing and issue.
  6. Generally an interview for issuing the visa is not part of the process but if required it will be made known. Answer the questions confidently and to the point.
  7. The processed visa can be collected directly from the Embassy or through courier service.
  8. The visa application must be submitted to ICA two months prior to the start of the course.
  9. Incomplete applications will not be processed so care must be taken to submit all the required documents.
  10. In the case of online applications the progress can be followed online using the unique Transaction Reference Number.
  11. Student Visa recipients will not be allowed to work. The Singapore government has a strict rule that only students engaged in courses that have a duration of greater than 2 years are eligible to apply for work.
    Studying in Singapore is an opportunity for aspiring students. Acquiring the Singapore’s Student Visa can be made stress-free by carefully making ready all the required documents and following the visa procedures accurately.

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