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MBBS study in abroad, Now a day’s mostly youngsters choices is MBBS/Medical studies in abroad they prefer to doing MBBS from China, with the lowest MBBS fee in Georgia, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Romania, Tajikistan, China, Russia, Ukraine, etc. It’s become a dream for all the medical student that doing higher study in abroad for MBBS in China, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, America and European Countries. But mostly of them are thought that it’s very costly but not so. You can complete your medical studies in Under-graduation as well as Post-graduation in abroad with minimum to minimum fee package with English medium study in Georgia, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Romania, Tajikistan, China, Russia, Ukraine, as well as European countries also.

In abroad you can complete your course in just 50% comparison to India. It’s to cheaper than Indian private colleges and the benefit is that all the university are recognized by MCI and WHO as well as government universities also. Many of them are follow the USA based pattern which is the top most pattern in the world.

Study Medicine Abroad :

Study Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary medicine, pharmacy and nursing abroad in English or French at the best European Medical Universities in Europe and beyond, reasonable admission requirements, fees and living expenses, save living environment, degree recognized in all over Europe and beyond attract thousands of international students every year.
Medical study abroad in the best destination is the only way to become doctors for most international students. Admission to medical university abroad in most countries is extremely competitive and impossible for around 80% of students aspiring to become doctors.
Medical universities (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, public health, Physiotherapy) abroad in East Europe, South Europe, Caribbean, Russia, Moldavia, Ukraine, China, Philippines, Georgia etc. where medical study program in English have been designed for international medical students is the best option to study medicine and become Doctor.
In some European countries, to get a place in medicine and dentistry is fierce and students may want to consider medicine-related options as a plan B such as Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Psychology, Neuroscience, Dietetics, Physical Therapy, etc., other well informed decide to study medicine abroad.

Students determined to qualify as doctors, are responding by paying college fees of up to 50000 Euro a year to obtain a medical degree abroad. Of cause they are some countries offering good medical programs as well as in UK, France, Germany, Norway, etc. at good prices.  For instance, Romania or Bulgaria should be one of the best destinations to think about for those students dreaming to become Doctors (member of EU/EEA, cheapest tuition fees and living cost in EEA – from 1000 Euros/year, full or partial scholarship, English and French programs etc.).

Studying medicine abroad has become very popular thanks to the high disparity in capacity of medical universities in different countries and student’s demand. Tuition fees and living expenses, admission prerequisites, quality of education, language of instruction, diploma recognition are among criteria to take into consideration when deciding where to study medicine abroad. Most international students who go to study medicine abroad have first tried or explore the possibilities to get into medical schools in their countries.

Why study medicine abroad – Reason to study medicine 

Student dreaming to become doctor have different reasons. Even if most students in Europe get into medical schools upon high school graduation, it is never late to study medicine. In some countries like USA, most students go to medical schools after graduation or even after getting working and volunteer experience. The reasons attracting students to study medicine are various.

Why students choose to study medicine 

Study medicine – Plenty of opportunities upon graduating

After graduation from medical school and become Doctor or any other medical specialist, there is a broad range of opportunities for future job. Upon getting the medical degree you can choose to work in hospitals, science institutes, and public health care or be part of the medical segment of some other science. Doctors can also chose to manage health care costs in economical sciences, or cooperate as a part of judicial sciences in proving medical errors and patients’ rights.

Study medicine – Working with people

To work with people the person must have a great deal of tolerance towards endangered social groups. This also can be developed or acquired during medical study an medical practice period by meeting patients, people besides patients – patients’ families, medical staff, technicians, administrators etc.  As a part of medical training not form bonds towards patients and their diagnoses or faiths cannot be ignored. This extremely delicate problem especially when it comes to children.

Study medicine – Ability to help people directly and make them happier

The ability to directly help the curing process is a challenge and sometimes it is not easy to cope with it. Studying medicine is the best way to be prepared to help efficiently people. The most doctors would say that there is no greater joy than the one you feel when you manage to help a very sick patient or when a group of scientists discovers a new medicine for a certain disease.

Study medicine – Team work

Without team work you cannot succeed in the field of medicine. From the medical schools to practice after graduation, you need to work as part of the team. Not only does a doctor cooperate with nurses and other doctors on daily bases, but he is also a mentor figure and a role model for his students.

Study medicine – Respect in society

In all over the world, doctors are one of the members of society who are much respected. They are notice whether they are in the cinema or traffic jam.  This also represents a great responsibility because I he must be amoral authority, especially in smaller places.

Study medicine -A huge need for doctors

World needs more doctors. The situation in Europe is really good compared to some other continents like Asia or Africa where not only there is a lack of Doctors but also of medicine and material. In most cases medicine students get a job sometimes even the very day they graduate or even before graduation.  At the same time, doctors are well paid in most cases.

Study medicine – Safe job, career, and lifestyle

Even if career in medicine involves a lot of sacrifices, determination and personal investment, upon graduation, doctors are sure to get a job and make a career.  This reason is more decisive in countries with recession and in a situation where it is becoming harder and harder for young people to find a job.

Study medicine – Constant ameliorating

From the beginning of medical school till the end of career, the school provides with basics for further knowledge and skill development which must be constantly developed and adapted to the sciences evolution. Summits and seminars are often organized in exotic locations in order to attract as many doctors as possible. A lot of students see this reason as the significant difference in comparison to other studies and for this they point medicine out as a unique example of constant professional perfecting.

study medicine – White coat

White coat, other than being a clothing item and a part of doctor’s uniform, is also a representative of the order of the medical system, cleanliness of the job, and high hygiene standards. A tidy and clean coat is emitting a clear doctor’s attitude towards patient. Precisely these reasons make the white coat one of the reasons to start studying medicine. This is one of  attracting  students to study medicine even if it can soon fun for others.

study medicine – Science universal to the whole world

Upon graduating from a medical school, you can find a job and work in any hospital in anywhere in the world or anywhere. Furthermore, the major part of medical literature is in English or other language of instruction, but most of the medical terms are in Latin. So student gets acquainted with English and Latin in the course of studies so that words like vertebra or clavicula will be nothing new neither to you nor to a doctor on the other side of the world.

Why studying medicine abroad

You have decided to study medicine and become doctor but wonder which medical school to choose? Then you may consider the following reasons many students like you decide to study medicine abroad.

High competitively entry requirements of getting into medicine

Applying to medicine can be an incredibly challenging process because in most countries, because of far more students who wish to study medicine than available places. The applicant’s high school certificate with good grade and eventually the type of pre-medical undergraduate degree are not enough to guarantee access to further medical studies for many students in Canada, France and UK, USA, Norway, to name some.  The percentages of prospective medical students who manage to get a medical university seat vary 20% to 50% depending on country and university!

Study medicine abroad in English 

Study medicine abroad in English at the best medical schools abroad is possible. Medical prospective students get into medical university with full medical program (Medicine, dentistry, Pharmacy, veterinary medicine, etc.) in English. The lectures and books are in English, projects are in English and all classmates, wherever they come from, are fluent in English.  Some Medical Universities abroad organize foundation or preparatory program for those students who do not must the language of instruction or the basic subjects for further medical study abroad.

For students speaking French, some best medical schools abroad (Belgium, Canada, France, Romania,) offer medical, dental, pharmaceutics, veterinary programs in French for international students. Medical schools with French medical courses in Romania have more offers and are really affordable.

Studying medicine abroad prerequisites

Studying medicine abroad prerequisites vary from different medical schools. In countries with very high demand of studying medicine, to get into medical school is very challenging process and ferocious competition.

studying medicine abroad in most popular medical study destinations abroad is more accessible and with less competition, than those being set by most universities for example in Irish, Canada, Germany, USA, UK universities. This is not necessary a reflection of quality of education of any medical University. It is a simply an indicator that, in some countries, third-level  medical education system is under pressure, as more and more students chase a small number of places in universities.

As example, a good high school results, is quite enough to get into more of medical schools in Romania and Bulgaria even if some of them may organize an entrance exam in Biology, chemistry and or English, while in countries like UK, even student with triple A  of A-levels are rejected.

Medical student transfer abroad

Most medical schools abroad accept medical students transfer from accredited universities.  Have you finished 2 years of medical study in UK and you fill like finishing your education in other European University? It is possible. Note that transferring from medical school to another, what is important is not how much years you have passed, but haw much medical university credits you have.

Fees of studying medicine abroad 

Tuition fees and living costs of studying medicine abroad in most of the best medical schools in the world is extremely very higher. Some of the best medical schools in Europe, Caribbean, China, etc., offer medicals study program, mostly in English at very reasonable fees and conditions.

The cost of attending many medical schools abroad is often much lower than registering for an equivalent program in different countries. There are no fees for UK and Irish students studying in the four Scandinavian countries. In the state-sector universities in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, fees are below 1500 Euros per year and in the Netherlands, fees are just under 1800 Euros per year. Fees are also low in Italy (under 4000 Euros), Romania (from 1000 to 5000 Euros) and Bulgaria (from 7000 to 8000 Euros/year).

Studying medicine abroad, especially in Europe, offer various scholarships based on academic background results, university entrance exam results, university results etc.

High quality of the education of studying medicine abroad 

This is what it is all about. Even with all the other advantages, you need to be sure that, by studying medicine abroad, you will be receiving an education that is of good quality leading to a degree recognized in all over the world.

Reassuringly, these programs are offered by some of Europe’s leading Research Universities as well as some excellent Universities of Applied Sciences and University Colleges, which are career-oriented institutions. As a general rule, all accredited medical universities in European Economic Area deliver recognized degree diplomas recognized in the whole area and beyond.  For Medical Universities outside of EEA, please check first if the degree are recognized inn your country.

Study medicine abroad – Problem-based learning method

Most of medical schools abroad have adopted problem-based learning method (PBL), as teaching method. This method was originally developed in Canada. The students feel better prepared as a result of PBL as they have run through the entire process thoroughly, from diagnosis through to treatment.

Problem-based learning method starts out from a specific case drawn from medical practice. The students solve complex problems or patient cases independently in small groups under the supervision of a specially trained tutor. This starts with obtaining medical results, diagnostics and treatment and goes right through to parthenogenesis. Closely approximating reality in everyday hospital life, this means that they can put their knowledge into patient-oriented practice at a very early stage. Any questions remaining unanswered are then discussed in a tutorial. The Problem-based learning method allows student to fill confident and excel when back home.

Living experience for Medical study abroad programs

Going to study medicine abroad, student gets fantastic opportunity to experience a different culture and lifestyle with students from all over the world and new society, which make the person more mature. A new language is always an inestimable advantage in live course.  If you are independent-minded, with a sense of adventure and a bit of initiative, studying abroad is a life-changing experience.

Prerequisites to study medicine abroad

Even if the requirements to apply to medical university in Europe can slightly differ, the prospective medical student must know that most of medical universities require most of the following documents:

  • High school diploma (certificate)
  • Good marks in biology and chemistry and math (but not obligatory!),
  • Speak English, French, or Romanian or Bulgarian or follow one year preparatory course,
  • To be in good health mentally, physically and without daisies incompatible with medical career,
  • To have enough source of financing medical studies by student loans, wonderful parents or generous sponsors or other sources.
  • University course (if applicable); letters of recommendation; letter of motivation ; academic achievements;  hobbies and personal interests; relevant  to health care paid or voluntary work experience e.g. ;work as a hospital auxiliary, in nursing or residential care, red cross etc.; computer literacy; communication skills; teamwork skills etc.
  • Some universities organize medical English test or even entry test in biology and chemistry.

Your dream is to become a doctor of Medicine, Dentistry, pharmacy, Veterinary medicine, etc.  and you find impossible to get into medical schools in your own country? Maybe it is even an advantage for you!  Just go to study medicine abroad where it is possible. Hundreds of best medical universities abroad around the world, offering medical courses in English at very affordable tuition fees (or even offering scholarships) are available, more accessible than in in your own country and offering high quality of education training and certificate (Diplomas) recognized in all Europe and beyond. Most of those universities offer also affordable medical Residency training with possibility of choosing the specialization.Let Medical study Guide Team guide and assist to find the best medical school in the world for you.


Medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, physiotherapy, nursing, etc. Programs in English and medical residency in leading medical universities in Abroad:

  • Low tuition fee and living cost, student loans and grants available
  • No entrance examinations or alternatively, preparation to entrance examinations
  • Arrival (immersion) services
  • Admission even before you complete your high school

Study MBBS  in Georgia, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Romania, Tajikistan, China, Russia, Ukraine and etc

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