October 3, 2016

Study MBBS in Georgia 🇬🇪

Study MBBS in Georgia 🇬🇪

Study Medicine / MBBS in Georgia approved By WHO/ MCI, Fully English Speaking Universities. Limited Seats for International Students. Apply Now!!


Georgia is a country which is located on the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is surrounded by Black sea in the west, Russia in the north, Turkey and Armenia in the south as well as Azerbaijan in south-east. The total area covered by Georgia is 69,700 kms and is inhabited by 5 million people.


In classical era, Georgia was known to be divided into separate small independent kingdoms. It was during the reign of King David  IV and Queen Tamar that unified the kingdoms of Georgia and the country gained political and economic strength. During the beginning of 19th century, Georgia came under the rule of Russian empire. With the Russian revolution which took place in year 1917, Georgia gained independece, however, it was for a very short time period. In 1921, the country was occupied by Soviet Russia, and thus Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic came into existence. After gaining independence in 1991, communist Georgia came under civil unrest and suffered economic crisis during entire 1990’S period. In year 2003, Rose Revolution took place and helped establish new government which introduced new democratic and economic reforms.


Georgia is situated between latitudes 41 degree and 44 degree north and longitudes 40 degree and 47 degree east. The country is mainly a mountanious country with Likhi range separating the country in eastern and western halves. Georgia’s highest mountain is Mount Shkhara that stands at 5068 meters.

The eastern part of Georgia witnesses hot summers and cold winters; the cmimate in the western part is influenced by elevation. The lowlands of western Georgia are relatively warm while the mountanious regions experience cool, wet summers and snowy winters.

Admission Open for Academic Year 2015-2016

Pursuing MBBS in Georgia

There has been a latest boom in the educational field in Georgia. The top quality educational programs is the vital reason behind its growing popularity. The functional environment and physical environment in educational institutions make Georgia a number one stop shop for the MBBS students, coming from India. There are different categories, followed in Georgian learning environment, such as, flexibility, energy efficient atmosphere, safety, aesthetic values followed, classroom space, furnishing, technology, organized administrative offices and top quality educational programs. The enhanced learning procedures help in encouraging social skills among the students. Moreover, the top Georgian medical universities offer space for developing complimentary and aesthetic values.Georgia welcomes students from all across the world to take admission in its medical programs. Student citizens of African continent like Kenyan, Nigerian, South African, Ugandan, Zimbabwean, Ethiopian, Cameroon, Ghana, Zamibian, Namibian and Botswana can take our assistance to seek admission in medical programs in Georgian Medical Universities. We also offer admission assistance to other students like Arabian, Iraqi, Irani, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Turkish, Nepali, Bhutani, Malaysian, Ghana, Israeli, Egyptian, Syrian etc. The affordable fee structures of the courses have made it easy for the students world-over to complete their medical degrees from Georgia and get WHO and UNESCO approved certificates.


As the fees of higher studies in Georgia is quite less when compared with other western regions, therefore; students always try to opt for admissions in Georgian Medical Universities for MBBS courses. Procuring higher studies from Georgia includes following the principles and procedures of funding and managing higher educational services. For pursuing a well-trained MBBS program in Georgia, students need to follow an MBBS course of six years.

Moreover, MBBS in Georgia also offers special coaching programs, which follows during the last year of MBBS segment. This special course is made for those Indian students who want to practice in India.


It is mandatory to have a good educational record if you want to pursue medical studies in Georgia. Interested candidates must go through a special entrance exam, depending on their interest in USMLE or PLAB. Maximum Georgian universities follow the European Union Credit Transfer System, for grading system. Moreover, the students need to be proficient in English language and must have passed their higher secondary studies from a reputed school with four major subjects under their sleeves, like biology, mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Documents required

For studying MBBS in Georgia, students need to fulfill some basic criteria associated with documentation. At first, they have to submit a transcript from the previous educational institutions along with official GMAT or GRE test scores, which are sent directly from ETS. You also need a copy of your permanent residential card. The students also need to submit their passport size photos and photocopy of class 12 certificates with apostle. Other than that, students also have to submit living certificates of last 2 years with apostle. Other eminent documents are medical certificates, mentioning HIV analyzis and vaccination results.

Fee Structure

As mentioned earlier, the fees of studying MBBS in Georgia is quite less when compared with other western regions. For the medical studies, students have to pay 4300$ to 6500$. On the other hand, if interested in pursuing nursing or public health, the fees might ranges between 2500$ to 4200$. It all solely depends on your comfort zone and budget plans.

Language Requirements

The medium of instruction in Georgian Medical universities is English and Russian. The students have the full right to choose the language for their studies. However, they will have to furnish the language proficiency of whatever medium of instruction they choose.

Career Scope

The faculties of Georgian Medical Universities offer special attention towards the overseas students. There is a wide gamut of options available for the students after they pass out from these universities. They can easily apply for any high positions in different healthcare set ups and medical industry, with their own specifications. It is an inevitable truth that there is a significant rise in the healthcare industry nowadays, therefore; people are opting for this service more. The prospective doctors, passing out from Georgian medical universities possess a fair chance of ending up with their dream jobs in high profile medical centers. The scope is high with proper backup from reliable faculties, associated with Georgian medical universities or educational institutions.

Caucasus International University (CIU), Tbilisi

Akaki Tsereteli State University (ATSU)
New Vision University
European Teaching University
Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University